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Mach den Nanobots den Gar aus



Many of you will have noticed two things after listening to the „Yerminate NANO Bots“ healing frequency video. 👉https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=6mCdYkvmFRo

1) You could feel the Nanobots crawling under your skin- wanting to come out of your body because the sound is toxic to them.

2) You could breathe easier.

Continue listening to the video – follow the instructions by clicking on the YouTube link. Go to the description section of the video…And, drink plenty of water. It’s for both un-vax and vaxxed people.

Beaucoup d’entre vous auront remarqué deux choses après avoir écouté la vidéo sur les fréquences de guérison „Yerminate NANO Bots“. 👉https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=6mCdYkvmFRo

1) Vous pouviez sentir les Nanobots ramper sous votre peau – voulant sortir de votre corps car le son est toxique pour eux.

2) Tu pourrais respirer plus facilement.

Continuez à écouter la vidéo – suivez les instructions en cliquant sur le lien YouTube. Allez à la section description de la vidéo… Et, buvez beaucoup d’eau. C’est pour les personnes non-vaxxées et vaxxées.

YouTube (https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=6mCdYkvmFRo)
Terminate A.I Nano Bots- Smart Dust Nanites


Vielen von euch werden zwei Dinge aufgefallen sein, nachdem sie das Heilfrequenzvideo „Yerminate NANO Bots“ gehört haben. 👉https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=6mCdYkvmFRo

1) Ihr konntet spüren, wie die Nanobots unter eurer Haut krabbelten – und aus eurem Körper herauswollten, weil der Ton für sie giftig ist.

2) Du könntest leichter atmen.

Hören Sie sich das Video weiter an – folgen Sie den Anweisungen, indem Sie auf den YouTube-Link klicken. Gehen Sie zum Beschreibungsabschnitt des Videos… Und, trinken Sie viel Wasser. Es ist sowohl für nicht geimpfte als auch für geimpfte Menschen geeignet.

Übersetzt mit http://www.DeepL.com/Translator (kostenlose Version)

TRV, 29.08.NZ9


Terminate A.I Nano Bots- Smart Dust Nanites Updated 5/9/18 MP3 https://sellfy.com/p/3WvT/# Paypal https://gum.co/xishy Smart Dust And Morgellans Explained https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vyUjX… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j88Bc…

With Headphones Or Ear Buds: Volume Level 15% – 60%

Without Headphones: Volume Level 3% – 12 %

Uploading The Human Brain Into The Quantum Beast Computer NanoBots Can Carefully Scan The Structure Of Our Brain And Body Form Providing A Complete Read Out Of The Connection, This Information When Entered Into A Computer Could Then Continue To Function As Us. Thus The Data Stored In The Entire Brain Will Be Uploaded To The Beast Computer first Skynet To A.I Then Downloaded Into Your Brain As You But Not You. The Nanites Or Nano Components That Are Being Included Inside Of The Chemtrails And Chem Dumps Being Sprayed Upon The Human Populations Of the World, In Lotions, Food And Drink Are Tiny Microscopic Components Which Once Reconstructed Inside Of The Human Body Are Programmable And Can Be Activated By Scalar Frequency Waves And Or Remote Control And Other Types Of Frequency Wave Activations.

They Can Mutate It Can Be A While Before The Human Realizes There Is Something Seriously Wrong Like Blurred Vision, Rapid Tooth Decay, Hair Loss, Digestive Issues, Brain Cancer, Severe Itching Crawling Sensation Everywhere Inside Sores That Don’t Seem To Want To Heal Loss Of Energy And Stamina Feelings Of Dis-Connect, Immune System Disorders, This Can Be Referred To Components Of Electronic Torture Invasion Of privacy Agenda 21 & 30 Etc.

As We Breath Them In, They Make Their Way Into Our Bodies Own Plasma Where They Can Function Since All A.I Related Technology Needs Both Electricity And Electro-Magnetic Conductance To Operate Properly. Nanites Are In The Soil Food Production Water Air On The Ground You Walk On Known As Programmable Black Smart Dust And Black Goo An Overload Of Fungai Black Mold Insects Via Sorcery. It’s a Good Idea While Listening To This Program Drink Plenty Of Purified Water A Detox Of The Body Either Using Special Blended Herbs, Teas, Blood Purifiers, Bio-Resonance Devices And Get Extra Rest Start By Re-Building The Immune System ASAP.

Listening Instructions: 20-40 Minutes every day For 7 Days, Then Off For 2 Days Then Repeat Again For 7 Days Follow This Protocol As Needed. Hot Flashes, Nausea, Innate Tiredness May Occur While Listening This Is Normal As The Nano Bots Explode You May Get Cooled Of Afterwards By Fan Or Air Condition Then Take Shower Or Bath Get Extra Rest Flush With Drinking Extra Water Or One Teaspoon Of Apple Cider Vinegar To 36 Ounce Glass Of Water As Needed Change Bed Linen Daily While Listening.

Other Protocols: Take 4-5 Drops Oil Of Oregano To Five Ounces Of Water Then Stir And Drink 1X Day Or Night. A Subscriber Reported Back That After Two Days Of Listening She Excreted Numerous Black Nanites Through The Skin During The Night As She Slept She Also Experienced Hot Flashes This Is Normal During The Termination Process Of Smart Dust. Produced With Isochronic Tones In Part But Not Entirely Additional Tones May Include: Frequency Color Violet DrVirtual7 audios are some of the most listened to in the matrix In the areas of spiritual awareness, self-empowerment realization & personal development.

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