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23 / 40 Encounter Education to the 88th of 144 Parents, Child and Bringing Up (ELTERN, KIND UND KINDERSTUBE)

In my English thinking, Eckehardnyk, 25. Januar NZ9


The worst thing by using drugs is not the danger of death, but the illusion of objective experience. Mankind is well equipped with senses for impressions, for equilibrium, for feelings, even for equanimity, for thinking in order to achieve freedom. The difference between men and women, between children and adults may be relevant, but is nothing in comparison with the experienced worlds between drug users. The worlds in which junkies escape are countless, sensational, but far from coming true. Nobody could share this sort of events, similar to dreams, as long as anybody remains alone. In a way of that the using of dopes leads to an end which isolates the user from all the others. The heaviest punishment of a doping sinner is not the disqualification or the later disallowance of a championship but the isolation from the all. That belongs only to him or to her. An antidoping organization is in this and in my way of thinking useless. Every adult of free mentality is able to find the own way of being ethic. And the form of being ethic is freedom, and not sensataion.

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