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Dimitri Khalezov 2

Ich kenne Dimitri Khalezov noch nicht. Yvonne und Marc bitten mich, seine Geschichte und sein Werk zu veröffentlichen. Weil Marc auf Tempo drückt, stelle ich hier das Folgende ein, vorläufig ohne zu wissen, auf welche Abenteuerfahrt uns das führen wird. Ich tue es schnell, weil eine kitzekleine Chance besteht, dass die Verbeitung seiner Situation und seiner Schriften helfen kann, ihn aus seiner misslichen Lage zu ziehen.

Die nächsten Tage werde ich Zeit finden, mich mit Dimitri endlich genauer auseinanderzusetzen.

Vielleicht arbeitest du, lieber Leser, mit den Links schon mal vor. Ich habe 24 Stunden Reise in den Knochen, will erst mal pennen.

thom ram 10.05.2014




(this is a temporary web page)
URGENT address of Dimitri Khalezov 

Dear friends of mine. Unfortunately, it seems that the Thai cops put me in a serius trouble by attempting to arrest me.

Thus, as a fulfillment of my promises to retaliate against the Thais I publish here the set of passwords required to open an encrypted archive No.1 with my retaliation materials.

As I have promised, the revalation of information inside these archives (especially inside the archive No.3) will damage the Kingdom of Thailand beyond repair.

For the mean time, as a serious warning, I release the passwords for the archive No.1 only. If the Thai cops would not pay any attention to it, in a week time the passwords
from the archive No.2 would follow. And then – the passwords for the archive No.3 would follow, which would the mean the most serious trouble (akin to the „death warrant“)
to the state of Thailand. I sincerely wish it would not happen, but as a man of my word I have to follow my promises.

So, please, get and redistribute these passwords as widely as possible and decrypt your own archives as well. It is not necessary to redistribute actual contents of the archive No.1 and even those of No.2 because these are merely warnings. But when it comes to the contents of the archive No.3 once you get them – just distribute them as widely as possible, in accordance with the instructions inside the archive.

For those who haven’t downloaded the actual retaliation archives of mine yet, please, get them now. You can find the download links on this web page below.

Finally, here are the passwords for the archive No.1 (the rest will be announced either here, or via different means, such as YouTube, so, please, follow carefully in the next few weeks):


outer zip-archive password:


inner self-extracting archive password:


2nd inner encrypted file’s key:


use included Secret 1.0 program with ‚Blowfish‘ method and above key to decrypt the file
(you will find the Secret 1.0 program when you decrypt the inner SFX archive on the step 2)


Ah, the Lord God was a Witness that I did not wish this to happen…

So thank the stupid Thai cops for it, my beloved Kingdom of Thailand…



THE FULL EDITION OF MY BOOK on 9/11thology called „The Third Truth about 9/11“ is READY NOW!

Nuclear demolition of the World Trade Center explained there in more detail than it used to be, with a lot of newly discovered evidence added. Other 9/11 aspects such as the Pentagon missile attack, shooting down of Flight 93, Anthrax letters, mini-nukes‘ „car“-bombings, as well as the 9/11 cover-up, shilling, and falsifying English dictionaries are addressed too. This time I made it into a real encyclopedia of 9/11 and that of nuclear terrorism in general.

If you wish to see some readers opinions, click here.


However, before you proceed to the download links, I would like you to read the following urgent address of mine, published five days prior to New Year celebrations (26 of December 2013):


Dear readers and readers to be.


You could still find direct download links for the full edition of my book on this page below. They are there, still, though,  I am considering removing them any time soon.


I am sorry to inform you that since I made the full version of my book available for free download at the end of August, 2013, it was downloaded by more than 20000 (twenty thousand) people, at least a third of whom, according to my estimation, must have read this book.


However, despite the book was not actually „free“, but merely „free to download“, and this was stated clearly in its text, only a very few people have appreciated this step of mine.


During 4 (four) months that passed since, merely 20 people have paid for my book in one way or another.


Moreover, out of these 20, about a third were old friends of mine and people who used to donate even before downloading the book.


That is to say that the level of appreciation of my work was incredibly, ridiculously low – below 0.01%.


To be honest with you, even before that I knew that people were ungrateful in general, but I did not expect that awful digit of grateful people to be only 0.01%. At the worst case I was hoping that every fifth reader would appreciate it, or, at least – may be every tenth reader…


Look, folks, 0.01% is just a ridicule.


Are you so poor that you can’t afford paying a few bucks for the book that opens your eyes in regard to the most important perpetration of the 21st century, which is the 9/11 affair?


Well, I do believe that there are people who are poor like that (perhaps, somewhere in Darfur or in East Timor), but not in the capitalist West where everyone has a salary of at minimum several hundreds USD, but usually – a couple of thousands USD or more. I would like to remind you that in the West a lunch costs a few bucks, yet no person usually misses his or her lunch on account of being „too poor“. Everyone has his lunch 365 times a year, irrespectively of whether his is „poor“ or not and irrespectively of whether he is „in debt“ or not. Even those who are in debt always manage to find those few bucks to increase their debt and so – they pay for their daily lunch. Do you agree with this observation?


The book I am talking about is well over a thousand pages, and, with additional materials, it runs to almost a thousand and a half. To read it will take a few weeks of continuous reading, or a few months of casual reading.


So, that means those who read it, managed to find a lot of time to read it.


But why they don’t find just another couple of working hours making a few bucks for me, its author, and why don’t they find yet another hour – to find the way to transfer these few bucks for me?


Don’t you realize, folks, that my book was created during working hours of mine and I would like to have some cash for it – exactly like you do while working during the working hours of yours?


As I mentioned in the text of the book, I did not set the price – I left it entirely up to its reader. If you feel that my book costs merely 2 dollars – just send me these 2 dollars. If you feel it costs more – send me more. But a few bucks is what I really expect from every reader – just as would any other author expect from his or her book. Even if you are very poor and even if you are in debt – you could easily sacrifice a couple of lunches in order to express your gratitude for the material that requires a few weeks to read (have you ever heard of „fasting“? – it will also make you healthier in the process of expressing your gratitude 🙂


I would like to remind you that I am not greedy. I am sure that „naked man comes into This world and naked he will depart“. I duly realize that I am a mortal. However, as any other mortal in This life, I need some funds to pay for my food and living expenses (not to mention that I would like to have some extra funds to continue my research and to create more books, as well as to translate this book to other languages). Note that I have no salary, no pension pending my old age, no professional job, just nothing. I am a poor foreigner who lives in Thailand where foreigners are not allowed to do any unskilled work. That is why I can not work as a construction worker or as a dish-washer. I have no income whatsoever, except from donations and from payments for my book.


My financial situation is so desperate, that if not a couple of old good friends of mine who sent me money this time, I would not be able to survive these three months and by the New Year 2014 I would become a street beggar, while all my web sites, including this one, would disappear (have you ever heard that to host a web site also costs something?)


Do you realize it, my dear readers? I published the most explosive book of the 21 century that was, moreover, downloaded by over 20 thousand of eager readers, and yet, I was almost kicked out of my room (I do not rent an „apartment“, but merely a „room“; I can not afford anything bigger) because of not being able to pay for it. Do you find this situation normal, my dear „grateful“ readers?


Below you could see all means you can use to send me the payment for the book (or to donate if you wish to donate).


There is my personal bank account in one of Thai banks in Bangkok, so you could use a standard international money transfer;

There is a way to send me a check of a foreign bank (in any currency) by a snail-mail or by a courier;

There is a way to send me cash via Western-Union system;

There is a way to send me funds via WebMoney (electronic money);

There is a way to send me funds via Bitcoin (electronic money);

At the worst case, you can send me money via PayPal;

Finally, if nothing of the above works for you, and yet you wish to donate, please, contact me personally and we will figure out the solution.


All details regarding to these modes of payment are listed on the web page here


Sincerely yours,

Dimitri Khalezov.


26 of December 2013


P.S. Happy New Year!

Finally, here are the promised download links for the full edition of my book (which I will most probably remove soon, because I do not like the way of getting paid for it):







All files in the abovementioned archive are PGP-signed. If you need my PGP key for the signature’s verification, here is it: http://www.911thology.com\PGP_key_Dimitri_Khalezov_used_to_sign_books.asc

of genuine definitions of „ground zero“ in tons of pre-9/11 English dictionaries:







My former urgent address is available on YouTube:    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxRW4KozRG0

I would like to apologize for my disappearance from public view, but now I am back. Thanks to God, I am still alive. Unlike my friend Mr. Vadim Alexandrovski who helped me to compile my 9/11 research and who was recently murdered in Bangkok – apparently for his help in obtaining the confirmation about the „Granit“ missile that hit the Pentagon.

However, I urgently need your help. It seems I am in trouble now.

Please, download, keep secure and redistribute as widely as possible these four encrypted zip-archives:







5 Kommentare

  1. wir sollten uns unsere dubiosen verträge anschauen und handeln, das genügt schon
    osterreich hat frei

    Gefällt mir

  2. Marc sagt:

    Wow Thomram, Du bist meiner Bitte nachgekommen! Das finde ich Grossartig! Ich bin Dir zu groesstem DANK verpflichtet!

    Es sollte sich jeder, der des Englischen maechtig ist, hier mal etwas Zeit widmen um den Hr.Dimitri Khalezov kennenzulernen! Einige Links funktionieren offenbar nicht mehr (Browser-abhaengig..?..), andere lassen sich aber nach wie vor oeffnen. Alternativ kann man nach der hervorgehobenen Anfangs-Textpassage nach „END OF THE URGENT INSERTION.“ unterhalb der „dimitri_khalezov_retaliation_1.zip“- Datei (unbedingt diese Dateien vollstaendig runterladen!) und den Passwoertern, bei „If you wish to see some readers opinions, click here“ anklicken, dann ganz runterscrollen und auf „back to the main page“ klicken, um direkt auf seine offene Seite zu gelangen (mit Bild, viel besser lesbar und da scheinen die Links zu funktionieren).
    Seine Haptseiten wurden geschlossen, kurz nachdem Er am 3. Mai von den Thai-Organen unter laecherlichsten Anschuldigungen seiner Freiheit beraubt wurde!!

    Also Freunde, lernt diesen Menschen etwas besser kennen, solidarisiert Euch bitte mit Ihm und gebt diese Infos in eurem Umfeld weiter. Dieser aufrichtige Mensch hat eine Menge fuer uns wahrheitsliebenden, Systemkritisch denkenden Menschen getan. Er sollte jetzt nicht im Stich gelassen werden. Ich hoffe, dass die Thai-Dudes zur Besinnung kommen, sonst werden die Passwoerter fuer die 3 weiteren Dateien veroeffentlicht, dann hats sich naemlich ausgeschi33en fuer diese korrupte Bande!
    Ladet Euch diese 3 „dimitri_khalezov_retaliation_.zip“ – Dateien herunter. Wenn Khalezov nicht in wenigen Tagen wieder freien Boden unter den Fuessen hat, gehen die PWs zum oeffne dieser Dateien raus! Die darin enthaltenen Enthuellungen waeren, nach seinen Angaben, der Super-GAU fuer das Koenigreich Thailand, da die Behoerden (und das Koenigshaus!) direkt mit 9/11 und anderen Terrorakten im Zusammenhang stehen..

    Gefällt mir

  3. Marc sagt:


    Gefällt mir

  4. Marc sagt:

    PS: Im Moment macht es wohl keinen Sinn zu Spenden, aber wenn Er hoffentlich in ein paar Tagen wieder unter uns in Freiheit weilt, sollten wir unsere „Muenz“- Flaschen leeren und Ihm, jeder wie er kann, in Aufrichtigkeit und offenen Herzens eine angemessene Spende fuer seine jahrelange, aufopferungsvolle und kostenaufwaendige Arbeit zukommen lassen, die Er uns KOSTENLOS ueberlassen hat!

    Ehre wem Ehre gebuehrt!

    Gefällt mir

  5. marc sagt:

    Und e bitzeli Lohn..

    Gefällt mir

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